This cushion compact is filled with an ultra-hydrating, long-lasting foundation that also includes sunscreen. RRP: 24,95€

Cushion type sun protection, tone adjustment. RRP: 29,95€

A cushion pact featuring the balm-type version of the Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream to provide natural coverage with matte & powdery finish. RRP: 36,95€

Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream is a multi-functional skincare and makeup product that brightens, prevents fine lines and wrinkles, and protects against UV rays. This BB cream is upgraded with hyaluronic acid and sebum control powder, which keeps the skin moisturized and soft. Looks natural and fits all skin tones, both male and female. RRP: 24,99€

This daily sunscreen features anti-aging and brightening effects. RRP: 26,99€

This sports sunscreen is water- and sweat-resistant and also features anti-aging and brightening effects. RRP: 27,99€

Glow cushion with hydration of Hyaluronic acid & Collagen. RRP: 26,99€

Glow cushion with hydration of Hyaluronic acid & Collagen. RRP: 26,99€

SPF 35+++Sunscreen for everyone from junior to silver generation, mild and easy washable  RRP: 22,99€

SPF 50+++++Mild but Strong! Pure solution for sensitive, delicate skin! RRP: 22,99€

SPF 50+++++Make bright skin like a reflector. A tone-up base for lively skin all-day with only one touch Tone-up for clean and bright skin! RRP: 22,99€

Waterproof sunscreen with SPF 50++++, contains sun Essence with moisture which increase moisture, reduce stickiness and shine, and deliver a lighter, fresher feeling.  RRP: 22,99€

SPF 50++++ All-in-one finish for busy morning makeup! Covers skin tone cleanly and brightly! It makes your skin bright for a long time. RRP: 24,99€

SPF 50++++Simply and easily outdoor Life Reapply stick constantly as it is a transparent and soft type. RRP: 24,99€

Sunscreen Aqua Barrier SPF 50+++ with light texture and deep hydrating effect.  RRP: 17,99€

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