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Dr. Pharm is a special cosmeceutical brand that combines medicine and skincare. Through our endless R&D efforts, we provide
highly functional cosmetics with low stimulus that you can safely use on sensitive skin.

This cosmetic contains mucin, an ingredient derived from snail’s slime, and Syn-Ake, an ingredient that has a similar structure to
snake venom and improves wrinkles. We will consistently develop and supply high quality cosmetic products to become a leader
in the functional cosmetic products industry.


This is a functional sleeping pack, containing pig collagen extracts (50%) and makes skin elastic for improving wrinkle.  RRP: 36,95€

It is a hydrogel eye patch that is rich in Syn-Ake, a peptide with a structure similar to that of snake venom and 8 berry extracts, intensively caring for dry, dull skin around the eyes. RRP:32,95€

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