Ultra moisturizing cream with 20% Shea Butter, aqua butter complex, head-to-toe formula.

Baby-soft hands, nourishing and moisturizing treatment in a convenient form, aqua butter complex and devil's claw for intensive treatment benefits.

Special treatment for baby-soft feet, nourishing and moisturizing treatment in a convenient form, treatment for your feet after a tyring day.

Dual-layered body oil plus body wash, aqua butter complex, 3 moisturizing oils and 3 moisturizing extracts (coconut oil, Argan tree kernel oil, and Moringa seed oil / cypress leaf extract, green tea extract, and lotus flower extract).

Essence type gentle blackhead removing nose strip

Foot exfoliation sock with AHA complex and orange oil

The Manuka Honey & Choco Body Soap is a multi-cleansing bar that contains AHA which helps remove dead skin cells for softer skin and acne treatment. Aloe vera extracts, propolis and shea butter soothe and soften skin. Ingredients like honey, chocolate and olive oil keep skin moist after washing.

A moisturizing lotion for the face and body. Use freely anywhere on the parts that need moisturization. The All-Over Lotion absorbs quickly without leaving any stickiness. Its useable all throughout the year, during any season, thanks to its smooth, light finish, full of hydration. Comes with a generous size for various applications, you can use ample...

A organic aloe vera gel with powerful skin-soothing formula

Travel kit for Normal, dry and mature skin containing the Birch Juice Hydro line

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