This Self Aesthetic Magazine contains 8 different kinds of masks that will care for you from top to bottom. RRP: 31,99€

Exfoliating toner RRP: 25,99€

Snail slime and centella asiatic extract contribute to smoothly soothing your sensitive/irritated skin. RRP: 28,99€

Wash off type bubble pack that remove blackhead, sebum and provide pore care. RRP: 23,99€

This patches in this hydrating mask can be used either as a patch mask or as toning pads. RRP: 29,99€

This innovative eye cream brightens, improves skin elasticity and hydrates. Its rollerball applicator reduces puffiness and provides extra relief. RRP: 30,99€

The Korean Skincare Bible is your expert guide to achieving radiant, flawless skin, every day. RRP: 12,99€

A Black Mask containing 10 botanical extracts for blackhead and sebum control. It removes blackheads and sebum without irritation. Pore Tightening Serum containing Tannin and Witch hazel for tighten pore, soothing and nourishing skin RRP: 2,99€

The mask includes active ingredients such as vitamin C, adenosine, centella, and fermented honey to prevent fine lines around the eyes and nose - the Bat Eye Zone and brightens up the skin tone. RRP: 3,99€

Mask sheet coated with 60& of OSEC HWANGTO in order to purify and nourish the skin. RRP: 3,99€

Nutritious water-filling wash-off mask pack brings freshness of marine energy, 4 seaweeds extract and deep sea water. RRP: 2,49€

Eye shadow Red crush RRP: 20,99€

Eye shadow Brown Romance RRP: 20,99€



Sunscreen Aqua Barrier SPF 50+++ with light texture and deep hydrating effect.  RRP: 17,99€

Green Primer for Blemish skin and acne imperfections.  RRP: 14,99€

Purple Primer for dull skin with glowing and brightening effect.  RRP: 14,99€

Eye patch with dark circle and anti-aging effects.  RRP: 2,99€

The MIIN Advent Calendar of 2020 contains 12 different masks.  RRP: 39,99€

This is the refill of Marine Jewel Capsule, which is a concentrated serum in a capsule format to achieve radiant and youthful-looking skin. RRP: 81,99€

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