Our website for wholesalers: www.miintrade.com is an useful tool to help our clients to place orders and have easy access to our products information. Important to keep in mind:

1. First You must register with all your information

2. Once you have registered, we will check from the office if the registration is correct and we will approve you as a user .

3. From this moment, you can place orders and see the prices (we need to approve the clients to avoid everyone to be able to see the wholesale prices)

4. Once you enter with your account you can place orders, you will see by default the minimum and shipping costs and all the rest of details needed to order.

5. It is not a web where you pay, you only confirm an order confirmation that comes to us, then we adjust according to the stock or conditions agreed, finally we send you an email to confirm everything and proceed with payment.

6. Once you have already placed the order, then you can go repeating it automatically and you will have the history in your session.

7. Bear in mind, not all the brands are available in all the countries, so once you proceed with the registration, you will be able to see the available brands and products for your territory.