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  • 11 Village Factory

    Committed to create the best products, this eccentric scientist is continuously working to develop a line that’s affordable and good to everyone.​

  • 23.5ºN


    All these brand products are grown locally and organically, as it name says, all the raw materials are produced above the latitud 23.5°N, the equator, The main idea behind the masks is the “farm to face” philosophy that gives fresh and natural ingredients directly to your skin. Products free from parabens as well as fragrances and artificial colouring.

  • 8MM

    8MM name means: "8 minutes miracle". The most important principle for 8MM is the quality, For 8MM the quality means being authentic, being different, being functional, being beautiful and being sensibly priced. All their masks contains nanobubbles that helps the ingredients absorption.

  • Aby BOM BOM cosmetics is a brand that takes care about the people and the nature. BOM hope for the harmonized worlds with the people and the nature.They aim to create cosmetics that understands the human’s skin in depth beyond the space and time rather than merely bringing the brand names to the fore.


    Natural and safe, our promise to you.

    Aromatica promises to provide healthy and safe products for people and the only planet we have through aroma-therapeutic blending with safe botanic actives acquired from plants.

  • Benton

    In 2011, the CEO of Benton decided to create his own cosmetics company to help his brother, who had always suffered from different skin conditions, allergies and sensitivity. This brand stands out for producing its treatments in small quantities, to ensure that they are always fresh. In addition, their products are not tested on animals!

  • Berrisom

    Berrisom, a brand contains AO5 antioxidant formula made from 3 kinds of berries (Elderberry, Blackberry, and Cranberry) and 2 kinds of blossoms (Camellia, Evening-primrose), this formula helps to deliver original beauty to your skin. It possess various product ranges including skin care line, make up line and masks. Berrisom is the inventor of the world famous peel off type lip tint pack and animal character masks. Its main devotion is the development of innovative cosmetic products and to deliver beauty to everyone.

  • Blithe

    Blithe has established to bring the change of skin and blithe experience through smarter cosmetic from the research of urban women’s lifestyle.

    We encourage your everyday life to be more attractive, more confident and more delight through your improved skin.

  • Blossom Jeju

    Blossom Jeju brings you into the realm of natural cosmetics where the true natural beauty is based on learning from traditional oriental medicine. Highlighting the winter-blooming flower was harvested for centuries by women famed for their glowing skin and long, lustrous hair. Camellia oil, as a key ingredient, has one of the highest percentages of omega-9 oleic acid of any natural oil and naturally-occurring antioxidants.

  • Cosrx

    Cosrx suggest new standard of good cosmetics with the spirit of cosmetics artisan.

  • Dr. Oracle

    It’s been around for over 10 years in Korea as a prestigious brand in dermatological and pharmaceutical skin care. Dr. Oracle is part of more than 70 Korean clinics thanks to its formulas based on exclusive active ingredients. Although they have different lines to solve specific dermatological problems, the most famous of them all is A-Thera, which is especially for skin with hormonal acne, cystic acne and uneven texture. It’s exclusively at MiiN Cosmetics: you can only find it here.

  • Dr.Phamor

    Dr. Pharm is a special cosmeceutical brand that combines medicine and skincare. Through our endless R&D efforts, we provide
    highly functional cosmetics with low stimulus that you can safely use on sensitive skin.

  • E-Nature

    Naturally Smart™ Cosmetics: E NATURE Cosmetics is a naturalism brand that makes healthy products from gentle, natural ingredients by utilizing smart technology.

    Everyone’s nature: Regardless of skin type or gender, everyone can use the products of E Nature Cosmetics, which are made from eco-friendly natural ingredients.

  • G9 Skin

    G9SKIN provides skin-purifying solution for your exhausted skin due to busy urban life and various negative environmental elements.

  • HelloSkin

    Helloskin is a Korean brand known throughout the world for its beautiful Jumiso masks. Its name comes from the combination of the words ju (주) and miso (미소), which literally means "give smiles" in Korean. Another anecdote that we love is that the dog featured in the packaging design is based on the owner's real dog.

  • Klairs

    Simple but enough. The condition of your skin will always change depending on the weather and the body’s condition. Protect your skin with Klairs’ simple lineup that provides everything from cleansing and moisture to calming and soothing.

  • Leaders

    LEADERS COSMETICS is a brand created by LEADERS Skin Clinic and established by dermatologists. LEADERS develops products based on its know-hows from scientific research continuously conducted by skin experts and produces products with proven effects and safety.

  • Makep:rem

    Makep:rem has a Micro Trans MoistureTM Technology, which is an effective ingredient delivery system of Makefamemen which improves the skin moisturizing ability and stability penetration ability compared to the liposome technology and effectively transfers the active ingredient to moisturize and firm skin.

  • MeloMELI

    This Korean brand is the result of mixing incredible Asian formulations with a beautiful packaging. MeloMELI was born to bring everyone the most beautiful and easy to apply makeup. 


    Mizon is the result of the union of a group of scientists and researchers from one of the most prestigious beauty companies in South Korea. Its aim? To develop a cosmetics brand that’s affordable for everyone and formulated with first-class ingredients.

  • Oseque

    Sensation Osèque makes your life much better with their exclusive ingredients OSEC HWANGTO & OSEC JIJANGSO. 

  • Package


    PACK_age always consider emotional satisfaction on base of reliable and effective skin care function. 

    PACK_age make unique concept products collaborated with individual designers in Korea not only for skin but also for emotional satisfaction.    

  • Shangpree

    Although now it’s a well-known worldwide brand, 25 years ago only a few privileged individuals in the centre of Seoul knew about it. Shangpree was born as an upscale Korean spa that quickly became famous for its luxurious treatments and its constant innovation in the world of masks. It’s the brand that created the ultra-famous modeling rubber masks, which contain ingredients as remarkable as gold, charcoal or red algae.

  • Son & Park

    SON' means a hand that makes beauty in Korean. 'PARK' means the beautiful land where we live in. SON & PARK suggests the easiest, perfect way to become beautiful

  • Suntique

    People care from the sun. This is why Suntique are committed to providing the best sun care products made with good ingredients and becoming a sun care special. Because Suntique is all about sun care, they want to serve as an encyclopedia you can look into anytime, when it comes to sunscreen. 

  • The Skin Lounge

    THE SKIN LOUNGE specializes in well-crafted facial masks that combine high end facial treatment with efficient performance, providing pleasurable experiences that reinvent contemporary skin care routines.


    Aromatherapist' s Natural & Organic Products Safe ingredients for all ages with a unique blend of proven botanicals and natural sources.

  • XOY

    Xoy is the result of combining the word "joy" with the letter "x", which stands for the unknown. It's the perfect name to represent these Korean masks: fun, different and with surprising formulas. You'll find ingredients like eggplant or chocolate hidden inside its pretty and fun packaging.

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