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The toner replenishes moisture, soothes and freshens, while leaving skin healthy and clear. RRP:17,99€

The lotion replenishes moisture, soothes, and freshens, while leaving skin healthy and clear.  RRP:17,99€

Benton Goodbye Redness Centella Gel contains 80% Centella Asiatica Extract and relieves the stress of irritated and tired skin. RRP:22,99€

The sheet mask hydrates and nourishes skin and is free from irritation. RRP:3,29€

The sheet mask helps to keep skin smooth and refreshed.  RRP:2,99€

The serum helps to nourish, revitalize soothe and keep skin supple with the increased density of nourishment by fermentation. Also helps to reduce hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. RRP:29,99€

A gentle facial serum formulated only with EWG’s green-rated ingredients helps strengthen skin’s barrier. RRP:34,99€

A hypoallergenic and slightly acidic hydrating toner of pH5.5 strengthens a skin barrier, 94% natural. RRP:28,99€

A low-irritant sheet mask conditions sensitive and irritated skin with gentle formula. RRP: 4,99€

A low-irritant, weakly acidic cleansing foam at pH5.5 Soft, Dense foam made of EWG green grade safe formula moisturizes skin. RRP:20,99€

A slightly acidic essence with a pH of 5.5 contains Madecassoside to help strengthen a skin barrier. RRP:34,99€

A low-irritant/gentle hydrating cream only formulated with 12 ingredients, safe to use for pregnant women and babies. RRP:35,99€

A mild exfoliator formulated only with EWG's green rated ingredients gently refines skin texture without over-drying or irritating skin. Cellulose free(0%). RRP: 28,99€

An innovative bi-phase formula with brightening berry extracts leaves skin with a clean, fresh feeling. RRP: 28,99€

A gel-type sleeping cream gently resurfaces skin overnight while smoothing, soothing and deeply hydrating. RRP: 43,99€

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