List of products by manufacturer Osèque

Osèque features exclusive Asian ingredients that will give you healthy, radiant skin. Examples include red clay and mineral water extracted from the beautiful Osec Hwangto forest region with antioxidant properties that help strengthen your skin’s immune system.

With innovative products you won’t find anywhere else, the brand’s selection is as unique as it is effective. From creamy wash-off masks to clay sheet masks, it is impossible not to want to try their natural, creative skin care products.

This hydrating and nourishing wash-off mask pack refreshes skin with marine energy, with the extracts of 4 different types of seaweed and deep sea water. RRP: 2,45€

This innovative powder cleanser is hypoallergenic and leaves skin hydrated, without any tight feeling.  RRP: 28,95€

This sheet mask features OSEC HWANGTO, a natural Asian clay that purifies and nourishes skin. RRP: 3,95€

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