Belif is one of the leading brands and specialists in hydration within the world of Korean cosmetics. Its products are known for their moisturizing properties and their unique, pleasant textures that help even the driest skin without leaving a greasy or sticky feeling.

This brand bases its formulas on herbal tradition, which, combined with Korea's innovative science, delivers high-quality products with plant-based ingredients.

Belif transforms any skincare routine into a complete experience while maintaining maximum effectiveness.

Beyond its herbal formulas

Behind Belif's formulas is over 100 years of history.

It all started in Scotland when herbalist Duncan Napiers began developing his botanically based products, eventually opening an herbal shop that still operates today.

Interested in all these plant-based ingredients and their incredible benefits, Belif has inherited Napiers' legacy and includes several of his formulas in its cosmetics.

Hydration for all skin types

Hydration is one of the fundamental pillars of this Korean cosmetic brand, which is why they have developed a wide variety of products specifically formulated to enhance hydration for all skin types and meet a broad range of needs.

By formulating with different ingredients and achieving a variety of textures, Belif seeks to improve skin hydration in very different ways: from a silky cream with urea and panthenol ideal for the driest skins, to a very light cream with centella asiatica and a refreshing effect for sensitive skin.

Its product lines

  • Aqua bomb: pure hydration. This is the brand’s most famous line, formulated to provide intense hydration to the skin. To reach this goal, it offers various products for a complete Korean routine.
  • Youth creator - age knockdown: anti-aging effect. The line created to help prevent the signs of aging, helping to improve elasticity and reduce pores, with plant-based ingredients like squalane and chamomile.
  • Vitamin Line: extra luminosity. A line distinguished by its multivitamin formulas with vitamin C, B12, B3... Products filled with revitalizing properties for more hydrated and luminous skin.

Where to buy Belif wholesale?

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