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Searching for Korean body care products for wholesale? Try our selection of best-selling products by the brands Lovbod, Aromatica, Klairs and Leaders. Body care includes exciting and effective shampoos, body soaps, body lotions, body sticks, plus hand and foot masks and more! Explore these wonderful beauty treatments below for everything you need head to toe.

This shampoo features a high concentration of rosemary.

This cleansing formula in this scalp scrub features sea salt to remove buildup and purify the scalp and hair. 

This all-in-one hair treatment repairs and nourishes damaged hair while promoting a healthy scalp and giving you glossy hair.

This hair product for your scalp is formulated with rosemary, biotin and a patented black food complex™ to nourish and stimulate the roots of your hair while relieving itchy scalps.

This organic aloe vera gel features a powerful formula to soothe your skin.

This multi-cleansing soap bar contains AHA to help remove dead skin cells to treat acne, plus aloe vera extract, propolis and shea butter to soothe and soften skin.

Suitable for your face, hands and whole body, this quick-absorbing lotion provides moisture with a light finish.

This foot mask comes in the form of socks and exfoliates with an AHA complex and orange oil.

This foot mask for dry, callused feet provides intensive care and moisture to keep feet soft and smooth.

The active ingredients in this steam hair mask moisturise and repair hair that's suffering from damage from frequent dyeing, styling and UV rays.

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Get baby-soft hands with this nourishing and moisturising treatment in an easy-to-use format with aqua butter complex and devil's claw for intense hydration.

This effective, intensive moisturising mask is designed for dry, cracked hands.

This blackhead-removing nose strip melts away impurities with a gentle essence.

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This dual-layered body oil and body wash features an aqua butter complex, 3 moisturizing oils – coconut oil, Argan tree kernel oil, and Moringa seed oil – and and 3 moisturizing extracts – cypress leaf extract, green tea extract, and lotus flower extract.

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This ultra-moisturising cream features 20% shea butter plus an aqua butter complex for head-to-toe hydration.

This multi-purpose balm moisturises and restores hydration to dry skin. 

This essence soothes, cools, reduces redness and revitalises skin.

This refreshing facial mist hydrates skin and cleanse it of imperfections.

Tested by dermatologists, this gel contains aloe barbadensis leaf juice, rich in polysaccharides and propolis extract, which have excellent soothing properties.

This intensely hydrating aftersun contains glacier water to soothe skin that's irritated and exhausted skin from the hot sun.

The Korean Skincare Bible is your expert guide to achieving radiant, flawless skin, every day.

This single-use body cleansing pad is made from an ultra-soft fabric and removes dead skin cells and cleanses and tones your skin without irritation.

This dual-action cream contains adenosine for anti-ageing and niacinamide to brighten. It also features ceramides and GAG, a moisturising ingredient extracted from mushrooms, to improve skin tone and leave it soft and hydrated.

This light gel-textured lotion contains 80% centella asiatica extract and relieves stress for tired, irritated skin.

This magazine contains 8 different kinds of masks to provide you with total care.

This buttock mask contains a highly effective Voluform complex which helps promote skin contouring and enhance the definition of your buttocks.

This neck mask is designed to reduce and soften wrinkles on your neck.

Use this body essence right after bathing or showering. It's unscented, fast-absorbing and non-oily, with excellent hydrating benefits.

This hand mask is designed to treat dry and rough hands.

Use this body essence right after bathing or showering. It's unscented, fast-absorbing and non-oily, with excellent anti-aging and firming benefits.

Use this body essence right after bathing or showering. It's unscented, lightweight, fast-absorbing and non-oily, for the perfect texture and results.

This body wash features a pH level similar to your skin's natural pH, so it gently cleanses without irritating skin.

This body wash features a pH level similar to that of your skin in its natural state, so it gently cleanses without irritating skin.

This hydrating body treatment spray leaves your skin radiant and smooth.

This nourishing body treatment spray leaves skin moisturised and glowing.

This lightweight body treatment spray helps keep skin refreshed and hydrated.

Love Your Body Stick for brightening quickly melts at skin temperature as soon as it is applied, forming an essential moisturizing layer on the skin. Simply apply to dry skin all over your body.

Firming & lifting body balm promotes supple skin while also making your skin firm and plump.

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