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You’ll find a variety of trendy and sophisticated Korean makeup and skincare brands available on our site. Our team of passionate experts often visit South Korea to scout for and bring new and exciting products to the European market. Our wholesale cosmetic brands are 100% Korean—often organic, vegan, cruelty-free and not tested on animals—blending technology and natural ingredients for optimal results.

  • 11 Village Factory

    Are you looking to buy the multi-tasking products of the brand 11 Village Factory wholesale? This playful brand is committed to an Instagrammable-vibe and skincare innovation. The eccentric scientist behind 11 Village Factory brings the creative genius to a line that’s both affordable and compatible with all skin types.​ We have an extensive assortment of 11 Village Factory beauty products including the bestsellers Relax Day Foot Mask and the moisture eye cream. This skincare line is vegan, with the exception of the moisture eye cream.

  • Aby BOM

    Shop the elegant A. by BOM wholesale collection—a beauty and skincare brand that values people and authenticity above all else. A. by BOM bases their product line on a deep understanding of natural skincare and includes a high percentage of exotic plants and botanicals in all their products. We have a range of their artistic sheet masks like the popular Ultra Floral Mask as well as dreamy skincare additions like the Ultra Time Return Eye Serum.

  • All Natural

    Eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals, the clean ingredients in All Natural’s wholesale products are perfect for delicate, sensitive, and mature skin types. Their products and sheet masks are gentle on the skin with key lifting and anti-aging ingredients for a youthful looking complexion. We have a range of All Natural products including bestsellers Blooming Lifting Cream and the Mask Sheet Blueberry. 

  • Aromatica

    The Aromatica wholesale products bring an elegant blend of natural ingredients and aroma to its gentle yet effective formulas. Apt for all skin types including sensitive, these products are natural, organic, vegan and free of harmful synthetic ingredients and fragrances. Add a touch of aromatherapy to any (or all) stages of your skincare routine with favourites like the Rose Absolute First Serum and Orange Cleansing Sherbet.

  • Barr

    Barr is a minimalistic lifestyle brand that promotes living simply, stress-free and owning less. Barr incorporates only necessary ingredients and their packaging is eco-friendly to prevent as much waste as possible. All the products are vegan, cruelty-free and only use EWG 0 ~ 2 (Green Grade) ingredients to minimise irritations on the skin. Free from artificial colorants and fragrances, Barr’s wholesale range is great for those with a sensitive, dry and irritated skin.

  • Beaudiani

    Our Beaudiani wholesale collection is made with natural, raw ingredients like honey, pumpkin and lavender. Beaudiani has created memorably delicious and aromatic products to nourish your skin. The name comes from the French term “Beau” for beauty and the Native American term “Diana” for deer.  These delightfully gentle products are vegan, with the exception of the Queen’s Bee Royal Honey Mask.

  • Benton

    Harness the power of nature with Asia’s century-old favourite ingredients like tea tree, bee venom, snail secretion filtrate, and aloe vera with Benton wholesale beauty products. The brand was created by the CEO of Benton as a method to help his brother who was suffering from various skin conditions, allergies, and sensitivities. And in 2011, the cosmetic brand was born. 

    Benton cosmetics are not tested on animals and only produced in small batches, ensuring the products are always fresh and effective. Try the bestselling Aloe BHA Skin Toner, Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack or Snail Bee Ultimate Serum for potent skincare excellence.

  • Berrisom

    Have you seen our Berrisom wholesale items? The brand name Berrisom comes from its two main ingredients: “berries” and “blossom.” The berries used—elderberries, blackberries and cranberries—are loaded with anti-aging antioxidants. And the blossoms—camellia and evening primrose—help restore a youthful glow. Berrisom is known for its whimsical masks (like the Animal Dog and Soda Bubble Mask).

  • Blithe

    Here we have a range of elegant Blithe wholesale multi-use products for all around healthy, glowing skin. The brand’s fame stems from its fight against pollutuaging, a K-beauty buzzword for “pollution-induced ageing.” This leading Korean skincare brand specialises in urban environments and the removal of pollutants from our skin to combat the harmful effects of city living. Our bestsellers include the Vital Treatment 5 Energy Roots and the Blue Zone Marine Mask Abalone. All products are vegan with the exception of the Blue Zone Marine Masks.

  • Cosrx

    Time to try the longtime fan-favourite Cosrx for wholesale! This brand combines minimal ingredients and simple packaging to bring you high quality skincare at an affordable price. Their products use key pharmaceutical and star ingredients such as snail mucin, ceramide, and renowned chemical exfoliants AHA & BHA acids for optimal results wrapped in a simple solution. We carry a variety of their mostly vegan products like the popular Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser and Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence.

  • Dr. Oracle

    Looking for the prestigious Dr. Oracle brand at a wholesale price? Dr. Oracle has been a reputable name in the dermatological and pharmaceutical skin care industry since 2006. Founded by dermatologists, it’s now part of more than 70 Korean clinics thanks to its certified hypoallergenic formulations. 

    Our Dr. Oracle wholesale collection includes a wide range of products for brightening, anti-aging, dryness, acne and post-treatment care. The brand’s most well-known line, A-Thera, is designed for those experiencing hormonal acne, cystic acne, and uneven texture. Get your hands on the best-selling 21 Stay A-Thera Peeling Stick or the Radical Clear Enzyme Powder Wash.

  • G9 Skin

    Looking for G9Skin wholesale supply? In G9Skin, the number refers to the 9 powerful natural extracts found in their products: lotus, ivy, pine needle, eucalyptus, oregano leaf, chlorella, hibiscus petal, chia seed and green tea. These ingredients help detox and revitalise skin that has been stressed by harmful urban living air. You’ll find that G9Skin has formulas to repair skin damaged by pollution and UV rays and treat enlarged pores. We recommend top rated 3D Volume Gum Mask, Pink Blur Hydrogel Eye Patch, and the Duck Vita Ampoule Lip Patch.

  • Juice to Cleanse

    Juice to Cleanse is a clean vegan beauty brand which specialises in double cleansing, the paramount steps of the Korean skincare routine. All products are free from artificial colourants, parabens and synthetic fragrances and formulated with vegetal and fruit-derived ingredients using low-temperature extraction (cold press, extraction and compression) to provide skin with fresh active ingredients.

  • Jumiso

    The name is derived from the words ju (주) and miso (미소), which means "give smiles" in Korean. The adorable dog you see featured on the packaging is based on the creator’s real-life pet! The majority of the products you’ll find are vegan and fit every skin type and skin concern. You’ll find masks, toners, serums and creams that suit any skin care routine.

  • Keenoniks

    Keenoniks is a safe and transparent Korean brand that relies on scientifically-tested hypoallergenic ingredients. Even those with the most sensitive skin can incorporate the product range into their daily beauty routine. This K-beauty brand is based on formulas with many effective, high-quality ingredients, including D-panthenol, hyaluronic acid, PHA and plant extracts from potentilla chinensis, moringa, cabbage and centella asiatica. The collection is designed for hectic city lifestyle with aim to repair and protect skin's natural barrier.

    Do you know what Keenoniks means?
    The brand is wordplay on "Keen On Skin", with 'skin' writen backwards.
  • Klairs

    Browse our excellent Klairs wholesale collection for makeup, skincare and body care to nourish and soothe your skin from head to toe. A best-seller on the Korean market, Klairs features simple yet effective ingredients free of alcohol, parabens, artificial dyes and fragrances. In fact, “simple but enough” is the philosophy behind Klairs. Choose from our extensive selection, including best-sellers Supple Preparation Facial Toner, Gentle Deep Cleansing Oil, and Midnight Blue Calming Cream. The brand does not test on animals and all products are vegan.

  • Leaders

    We carry the LEADERS wholesale brand to restore your tired skin to reveal your most confident self! Born from a professional cosmeceutical company, the dermatologists behind LEADERS wanted to design products for home use that were once only found in Korea’s most exclusive spas. The result was a line of relaxing and rejuvenating products for an affordable oasis in the most convenient way. The Talk to the Hand! Mask and the Tea Tree Relaxing Skin Renewal Mask are among our top selling products—the majority of which are vegan.

  • Lovbod

    Looking for the versatile and interesting products from the brand Lovbod for wholesale? Lovbod specialises in body care from an inclusive, body-positive perspective. They take the multi-step routine Koreans adore and extend it to the entire body. A play on the phrase “Love your body”, Lovbod has products to treat every part of the body, like the fan favourites BumBum Mask, a moisturising mask for the buttocks, and the Extra Firming Body Essence, a revitalising post-bath treatment.

  • Makep:rem

    Grab Makep:rem wholesale products for the brand’s patented Micro Trans Moisture Technology which allows active ingredients to penetrate your skin for quick and efficient hydration. They even use EWG green-rated ingredients with slightly acidic formulas, similar to your skin’s natural pH, to balance and smooth the complexion. Their products are gentle enough for all skin types and feature Nordic-style packaging. Our recommendation? The Safe Me. Relief Moisture Cleansing Foam makes a great addition to any skincare routine.

  • MeloMELI

    Want a little Korean cosmetic fun? Our MeloMeli wholesale collection brings you the beauty trends straight from Korea that compliment a variety of skin types and tones. You’ll find an assortment of easy-to-apply makeup items like the top rated Unicorn Heart Lake Cushion and the Crystal Pearl Eye Stick which we carry in a variety of colours. Each product is adorned with fun, modern designs making them exciting additions to any makeup bag.

  • Mizon

    Interested in an affordable and versatile skincare range? Our Mizon wholesale items are the way to go. Mizon was created by dedicated researchers from one of the most prestigious beauty companies in South Korea. They aimed to develop a cosmetics brand formulated with Korea’s high-quality hero ingredients but that was also accessible to the masses. We have a variety of Mizon products available for wholesale, including the best-selling anti-ageing products Collagen 100 Serum and Collagen Power Firming Enriched Cream.

  • Moart

    The Korean make-up brand Moart has officially upped the standards for make-up products. Their silky textures, vibrant colours and one-of-a-kind packaging have gained them a cult following in Korea. Their wholesale collection includes liquid lip tints, highly pigmented lipsticks, blushers, and eye pencils. All come in a variety of colours to suit all skin types.

  • Osèque

    Try the innovative products behind the masterful Osèque wholesale range. Osèque features exclusive Asian ingredients for skin that glows from the inside out. Featuring red clay and mineral water extracted from the elusive Osec Hwangto forest, the True Noble Soil Layering Mask has natural antioxidants to strengthen and purify your skin. The Hydro Deep Sea Cream Mask, our star product, feeds your face a delicious dose of mineral nutrition to boost its natural vitality. You won’t want to miss these creative and rare items. 

  • Package

    Searching for the charming skincare brand PACKage for wholesale? The team behind PACKage create new and various concepts by collaborating with individual artists to design products and packaging. The end result is masks with messages that soothe the skin as much as they connect with the soul. The products make amazing gifts for loved ones or self-care indulgences for any occasion. Try the Melt Me Softly Nose Strip to remove impurities, the Monthly New Foot Exfoliation Mask to pamper your feet, or the Don’t Worry Facial Mask for a relaxing treat. All products are vegan except the Everyday Bouncy Facial Mask. 

  • Rated Green

    The premium natural hair care brand Rated Green created the best hair care products for each hair and scalp type. The products contain no harmful chemical additives such as parabens or SLS and the main ingredient in all of their products is organic and certified by eco-cert. They preserve the rich nutrients of the natural ingredients in their formulas by cold pressing or cold brewing them. The Rated Green wholesale hair care line includes scalp packs, scalp sprays, scalp scalers, and shampoos.

  • Shangpree

    From Seoul’s most elite spas to you—we invite you to experience the luxurious Shangpree wholesale collection. The brand was created by the estheticians at Shangpree, one of Seoul’s most renowned spas for 25 years and running. By popular demand, Shangpree launched their product line with the same level of extraordinary quality, including their ultra-famous modeling rubber masks which contain high-end ingredients like gold, charcoal and red algae. A luxurious collection for luxurious skin, you’ll want to try all of their celebrated products. We recommend starting with the Marine Energy Eye Mask and the in-demand Sparkling Mask made with active micro-bubbles.

  • Sioris

    Get the beautiful, pure wonders of Sioris wholesale products here. Beneath the elegant designer packages lies the best natural ingredients sourced from local areas. In fact, the name is a combination of “si” from simple and “ori” from original! We carry a selection of serums, makeup removers, and creams suitable for all skin types. Try the best-selling A Calming Day Ampoule crafted from the pink omija fruit or Korea’s favourite cleanser: Cleanse Me Softly Milk Cleanser. The Sioris wholesale line is vegan except for You Look So Young Night Cream and the entire collection is cruelty-free. 

  • Skybottle

    The Skybottle wholesale line offers heavenly-scented hand creams from Korea. Skybottle believes fragrance is much more than just a scent—it’s an extension of style. These hand creams are rich in nutrients, crafted from nourishing ingredients like shea butter, sunflower seed oil and hyaluronic acid to provide a protective barrier that keeps your hands hydrated all day long. We offer a mix of their hand creams, each offering a unique sensory experience. Try the luxuriously creamy Spring Fever for a blend of fruit and flowery scents reminiscent of a dreamy day in May.

  • Son & Park

    Ready to try the glamourous and convenient Son & Park wholesale items? The brand takes its name from the mixture of the word “Son” which means “a hand that makes beauty” in Korean with “Park” which means “the beautiful land where we live”. Originally created for runway models, it's a skincare line that truly lives up to its name. Now available for at-home use, start with the must-have Beauty Water which cleanses and preps your skin for a perfect makeup application. All Son & Park products are natural and leave your complexion with a top-model glow.

  • Suntique

    Unveil the power of one of Korea’s favourite sun care brands now available for wholesale—Suntique. Suntique understands that anti-aging and flawless skin begins with solar protection. That’s why they use only the best ingredients to keep your skin safe and pampered. We carry a variety of their sunscreens whether you need sun care in your makeup primer, for your lips, or post-sun repair. Not sure where to start? The I’m Pure Perfect Cica sunscreen is the ultimate protection for all skin types. All Suntique products are natural (excluding the I’m Cover BB Sunscreen).

  • The Skin Lounge

    We’ve brought you the sophisticated line of The Skin Lounge to our wholesale opportunities. The Skin Lounge specialises in elegant face masks that combine high-end skin care with proven results, giving you a relaxing experience you’ll love incorporating in your skin care routine. The Skin Lounge’s masks come soaked in a serum enriched with vitamins and natural nutrients, creating a second-skin-like effect that perfectly adheres to your face. The cooling effect stimulates blood flow and relaxes the facial muscles, releasing stress and fatigue from your skin and allowing the nutrients to be rapidly absorbed. Grab the top-shelf Deep Hydrating mask, ideal for all skin types. All products you see here are vegan, except the Hydrogel Hyaluronic mask. 

  • Urang

    Unearth the regenerative, natural ingredients behind the Urang wholesale skincare line. With a unique blend of powerful botanicals and oils, these natural, organic and safe products are perfect for all ages and skin types. These beautiful pastel-hued products have hints of aromatherapeutic ingredients and yet are free of artificial dyes and fragrances. We have a variety of serums, creams and cleansers like the popular Brightening Blue Oil Serum and Urang’s Natural Cleansing Oil. These are cruelty-free and the vast majority of products are vegan and ecological. 

  • Wish Formula

    Catch the whimsical and cutting-edge Wish formula wholesale products here! Wish formula uses some of the world’s most advanced fermentation technology in its formulations. Always processed naturally and backed by scientific research, these powerful active ingredients absorb incredibly well into your skin as the fermentation process reduces the size of the particles. This allows them to work faster and more effectively on your skin. Grab the dermatologist-approved Blackhead & Blackmask Home Spa Kit for effective at-home pore cleaning. Most products are vegan, excluding the Bat Eye Mask which utilises centella honey fermented essence.

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