Founded in 2004, Leaders has become one of the world's most recognised brands of K-beauty masks.

The brand was conceived by a team of dermatologists with roots in a professional cosmeceutical company. Their aim was to provide accessible alternatives to products that were once exclusive to Korea's most prestigious spas. The result? A range of relaxation and rejuvenation products that allow you to enjoy an oasis of tranquillity without leaving home.

Brand history

Since it was founded in 2004, Leaders has received numerous awards that attest to its quality and leadership in cosmetic innovation.

Some notable examples include:

  • 2015: Grand Prize in the K-Beauty category (Korea Marketing Award)
  • 2015: Grand Prize for Brand (Global Luxury Awards)
  • 2015: Obtained patent for cellulose mask packs and their manufacturing method.
  • 2016: Selected as one of the top 10 brands by Watsons China.
  • 2017: Winner of the Sheet Mask Pack category at the US Total Beauty Awards.
  • 2018: First prize in the Medical Cosmetics category (K-Beauty Awards).
  • 2019: Winner of the Watsons Thailand HWB AWARD for Mask Pack sales.

Why choose Leaders' Korean masks?

As a respected Korean beauty brand, Leaders consistently combines technological innovation with the finest ingredients to create some of the best masks on the market.

Leaders stands out as one of the most sophisticated yet effective brands when it comes to designing cellulose masks. This is due to the high quality fabrics used and the carefully selected ingredients they work with.