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Created by dermatologists, LEADERS develops products based on the latest scientific research conducted by skin experts. Its products have results that speak for themselves and have been proven to be safe and effective.

A professional cosmeceutical company, the dermatologists behind the brand wanted to design products for home use that were once only found in Korea’s most exclusive spas. The results were effective products at an attractive price point that leave your skin healthy-looking and restore your confidence.

This premium-grade cotton sheet mask provides intensive hydration for thirsty skin. RRP: 3,50€

This cellulose mask brightens skin and improves its texture. RRP: 5,00€

This cellulose mask improves skin's elasticity and firmness. RRP: 5,00€

This premium-grade cotton sheet mask provides a lifting effect to help skin look soft and younger thanks to its collagen content. RRP: 3,50€

The active ingredients in this steam hair mask moisturise and repair hair that's suffering from damage from frequent dyeing, styling and UV rays. RRP: 4,55€

This foot mask for dry, callused feet provides intensive care and moisture to keep feet soft and smooth. RRP: 4,55€

This effective, intensive moisturising mask is designed for dry, cracked hands. RRP: 4,55€

This calming mask features the soothing effecst of silver birch extract, while the tea tree oil gives strengthens skin's natural barrier and provides relief. RRP: 3,50€

This premium-grade cotton sheet mask features anti-aging properties and helps reduce fine lines thanks to its peptides. RRP: 3,50€

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