MiiN Trade & You: The Start of a Beautiful Thing

First, we must note that you’ll only be able to see our wholesale prices once you’re signed into your account. We keep them hidden until then, as these pricings are unique to our wholesale clients like yourself!

Also bear in mind that not all brands are available in every country, so you may notice some brands are missing when you sign in. We’ll only show you brands and products available in your area. 

Ready to buy wholesale Korean cosmetics to sell? Only at MiiN Trade! Register now.” 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Register on our site with your company information. 

  2. We need just a moment to verify the information on our end. If everything is correct, we’ll approve you as a user.

  3. Choose the products you want to purchase from our excellent assortment. You’ll see the order details, minimum order quantity and shipping costs in your basket before submitting your order. Note: You will not pay online. We’ll send you an invoice in the next step!

  4. We’ll confirm the order in accordance to stock or conditions and send you an email with the invoice. You will then proceed with payment via wire transfer.

  5. We then take care of the importation process and ship your order within 24-72 hours! You’ll be able to access your purchase history in “My Account > Order History”.

For more information about brands or about our price list, feel free to get in touch with us.

Now the Technical Stuff


There is a MOA (minimum order amount) of 350€ per order.

For sheet masks, the MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 10 units per mask per reference. For the rest of our products, the minimum order is 4 units per reference.

The RRP (recommended retail price) should be the same or superior to MiiN Cosmetics price.

Prices shown on this website do not include tax.


Spain: 10 shipping cost. Free shipping for orders above €600.

Switzerland: 50 shipping cost. Free shipping for orders above 2500.

All other territories: 20 shipping cost. Free shipping for orders above 1000.


The full payment must be done in advance by wire transfer.


Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Swedeen, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Products can only be sold in the client’s billing country. Products cannot be sold on Amazon, eBay or similar marketplaces and platforms.


MiiN Korean Cosmetics works with the following Korean brands: 11 Village Factory, Abybom, All Natural, Aromatica, Barr, Benton, Berrisom, Beaudiani, Blithe, Blossom Jeju, Cosrx, Dr. Oracle, Enature, G9skin, Jumiso, Juice to Cleanse, Klairs, Leaders, Lovbod, Makep:rem, MeloMeli, Mizon, Moart, Osèque, Package, Rated Green, Shangpree, Sioris, Skybottle, Son&Park, Suntique, The Skin Lounge, Urang and Wish formula. 



We will provide photos of the ordered goods on a white background. In some cases, if they have been supplied by the brand, we will also provide lifestyle product photos. Everything can be found in the photos section on Miin Trade (www.miintrade.com). Feel free to download and use these materials.

The pictures produced by MiiN Korean Cosmetics (www.miin-cosmetics), including those shared on its social media platforms, are to be used exclusively by MiiN Korean Cosmetics and may not be used on any other online or offline channels.


All the product and brand information at www.miintrade.com can be used.

It’s prohibited to copy product or brand descriptions from the MiiN Korean Cosmetics (www.miin-cosmetics) website. We may provide you with information about the brand and product, but it may not be published on other websites. Such information must be rewritten in order to use it on another website or online store.

MiiN Korean Cosmetics will not use its communication channels to promote any selling points.


Co-branding and joint promotion initiatives will only be undertaken if all involved parties previously agree to it.

MiiN’s logo, font and pantone colour, as well as all creative content and corporate documents are to be used exclusively by MiiN Korean Cosmetics and may not be used by third parties without authorization.


On behalf of our company, we inform you that we use your personal information exclusively to provide you with our services and to charge you for purchases. Your information will be stored as long as you remain a customer or for as long as specified by law. 

Your information will not be given to third parties unless required by law. You have the right to inquire about your personal information stored by MiiN Cosmetics S.L., as well as the right to access your information, rectify inaccuracies or request that we cease to store your information.