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In 2011, the CEO of Benton decided to create his own cosmetics company to help his brother, who had always suffered from various skin conditions, allergies and sensitivity. This brand stands out for creating its products in small batches, ensuring that they are always fresh. What is more, their products are not tested on animals!

Harness the power of nature with ingredients like tea tree, bee venom, snail secretion filtrate, centella asiatica and aloe vera. There is a reason why these traditional Asian ingredients have been in use for centuries. 

Definition of BENTON

Benton’ is inspired by and named after the movie ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’in which Benjamin Button grows younger with time. In the movie, Benjamin has no choice but to leave his love, Daisy as he becomes younger. What if Daisy also could turn back the time of her physical appearance? Wouldn’t she be happier?


It may be just a fictional movie, but wouldn’t most people have the same desire to be young again? Likewise Benton wishes to turn back the time of your skin with healthy cosmetics. Benton cosmetics are designed to restore your skin back to its original, youthful condition with healthy recipes, rather than to give temporary effects with harmful ingredients.


What We Think

We did not focus on the expensive and glamorous casing but focused on the high quality skin-friendly ingredients in our product. This cosmetic could be used not only by me but my family and parents could also use it. In order to be healthy we try to consume nutritious food, it is the same as with our skin. To help provide the skin with its original strength is Benton's main objective.


Cruelty - Free Certification

We got the Cruelty-Free certification with “Beauty without Bunnies” mark that proves that we do not test on animals for all of Benton products by the world’s largest animal protection organization, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).


Brand Value
Healthy Recipe

Our skin will reach its critical point from using stimulating harmful ingredients in a number of products. However small the amount would be in a product, the total amount of such ingredients in a variety of products can reach the point causing irritation or skin problems. We carefully select healthy ingredients from the development stage and use natural preservatives so that even sensitive skin can use our products. Please check the ingredients for your skin which cannot speak up.


Cosmetic that Communicates

In order to communicate with our customers, we sincere listen to what you have to say. We will carefully listen, so please tell us your opinion of the product’s deficiencies / service / recommendation / etc. by a blog, phone, email or any other alternate way.


Freshly Made

Mass production would significantly reduce the cost. However, without compromising with the production cost, we have a principle on producing small amounts of products in order to supply our customers with freshly made products.


Natural Perservatives EURO – Napre

There are increasing usages of natural preservatives due to the problems caused by the artificial preservatives. Some natural preservatives causes more stimulation to the skin than the artificial preservatives due to the lack of skills on creating a natural preservative. The natural preservatives that Benton uses are extracted by the ultrasonic extract method from C&B Cosmetic’s special technology. This natural preservative is not only effective in skin care but also does not cause any irritation or stimulation to the skin.


This toner is designed for all skin types, including sensitive or problematic skin. It uses aloe barbadensis leaf water to soothe stressed skin with a hydrating and cooling effect. RRP: 21,95€

Tested by dermatologists, this gel contains aloe barbadensis leaf juice, rich in polysaccharides and propolis extract, which have excellent soothing properties. RRP: 21,95€

This sheet mask soothes and refreshes skin. RRP: 2,95€


This gentle, hypoallergenic cream features 80% aloe vera extract and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and soothe skin. RRP: 19,95€

This premium essence contains galactomyces ferment filtrate, bifida ferment lysate, peptides and ceramides. Its powerful formula helps prevent skin damage and relieves skin irritations and stress. RRP: 32,95€

This premium eye cream contains galactomyces ferment filtrate, bifida ferment lysate, peptides and ceramides to leave your eye area smooth and young-looking. RRP: 32,95€

This mild cleanser is formulated with natural foaming ingredients which gently refresh skin suffering from stress or pollution. RRP: 15,95


This lightweight moisturiser features cacao extract and hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin.  RRP: 18,95€


This serum contains over 80% cacao extract plus hyaluronic acid to hydrate and nourish skin and regulate its oil-water balance. RRP: 18,95€


This toner restores your skin's pH balance as it hydrates and soothes skin with its star ingredient, cacao extract. RRP: 18,95€

This lotion replenishes moisture, soothes and refreshes to leave skin healthy and clear. RRP: 17,95€

This toner hydrates, soothes and refreshes skin leaving it healthy and clear. RRP: 17,95€

This light gel-textured lotion contains 80% centella asiatica extract and relieves stress for tired, irritated skin. RRP: 22,95€

This sheet mask hydrates and nourishes skin and calms irritation. RRP: 3,25€


This spot treatment cream contains fresh centella asiatica extract, tea tree and skin-protecting calamine. It reduces redness and blemishes, leaving skin healthy and clear. RRP: 16,95€

This daily sunscreen features anti-aging and brightening effects. RRP: 26,95€

This sports sunscreen is water- and sweat-resistant and also features anti-aging and brightening effects. RRP: 27,95€


Exfoliate dull skin with this peeling gel that combines physical and chemical exfoliation. It's gentle enough for sensitive skin, and will leave your face glowing and radiant. RRP: 16,95€


Featuring PHA, the least aggressive of the acids, this gentle exfoliating toner sweeps away dead skin cells and impurities, leaving skin hydrated, glowing and ready for the next steps in your skin care routine.  RRP: 25,95€

Tested by dermatologists, this essence features adenosine for anti-aging and niacinamide for brightening. RRP: 31,95€

This lotion nourishes and revitalises skin and helps strengthen its natural protective barrier. RRP: 25,95€

This mask features anti-aging and brightening effects. RRP: 2,95€

Enjoy powerful ingredients like adenosine and niacinamide with their anti-aging and brightening properties. RRP: 23,95€

This rich cream features adenosine and niacinamide to help prevent signs of aging and brighten skin. RRP: 24,95€

This serum is packed with nourishing fermented ingredients to revitalise and hydrate skin, even out your skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation. RRP: 29,95€


Full of powerful natural ingredients, these eye patches provide an anti-aging effect as they hydrate and brighten your eye area. RRP: 29,95€

This powerful cleansing water cleanses your skin of impurities, controls oil production, and soothes, hydrates and revitalises your skin. RRP: 22,95€ 

This refreshing facial mist hydrates skin and cleanse it of imperfections. RRP: 24,95€

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