Unveil the power of one of Korea’s favourite sun care brands now available for wholesale—Suntique. Suntique understands that anti-aging and flawless skin begins with solar protection. That’s why they use only the best ingredients to keep your skin safe and pampered. We carry a variety of their sunscreens whether you need sun care in your makeup primer, for your lips, or post-sun repair. Not sure where to start? The I’m Pure Perfect Cica sunscreen is the ultimate protection for all skin types. All Suntique products are natural (excluding the I’m Cover BB Sunscreen).

An effective brightening solution, formulated with powerful active ingredients such as niacinamide, arbutin and designed to treat sun damaged skin by brightening blemishes and freckles.

This SPF 50 ++++ sunscreen provides effective physical protection against UV rays, hydrates the skin and strengthens the skin barrier with a complex of hyaluronic acid, centella extract and licorice extract.

Gentle enough for sensitive skin but strong enough for ultimate protection, this sunscreen features SPF 50+ PA++++.

Suntique's waterproof sunscreen with SPF 50+ PA+++ hydrates skin, reducing stickiness and shine, and delivers a lighter, fresher feeling compared to other sunscreens.

With SPF 50+ PA+++, this sun stick is incredibly easy to apply and goes on with a soft feel and a transparent finish.

With SPF 50+ PA+++, this all-in-one makeup and sunscreen comes in a convenient stick format to brighten and protect your skin.

With SPF 50+ PA++++, this sun stick is incredibly easy to apply and goes on with a soft feel and a transparent finish.

This intensely hydrating aftersun contains glacier water to soothe skin that's irritated and exhausted skin from the hot sun.

This 100% physical sunscreen wtih SPF 35+++ is mild enough for all ages.

With SPF 50+ PA++++, this sunscreen features a tone-up effect for radiant skin that's safe from the sun.

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