Milk Touch is a Korean cosmetic brand that includes both specific skincare products and makeup.

It was founded by Korean influencer Hong Young Gi, who, after working in the cosmetic industry and trying a large number of products, decided to create her own brand with products of great properties that she could recommend to her close ones.

To offer the product catalog that clients desire and to adapt to the latest trends, Milk Touch does a great job of market research and listening to its clients, thus creating differentiated products that meet their real needs, always with quality development and research, along with the innovation characteristic of Korean cosmetics.

Milk Touch


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Unique plant-based ingredients

Milk Touch bases its formulations on unique ingredients, in some cases uncommon in cosmetics, that have been carefully selected to care for different skin types and their issues. Some of these plant-based ingredients are ivy, ideal for sensitive skin, or baobab seed extract, primarily known for its moisturizing properties.

Makeup for all tastes

The first launch of Milk Touch was a foundation, which was already a clear statement of intent. This first product was very well received by the public and, from there, they developed the entire makeup line that we currently find, including products of various types and for all kinds of makeup.

Milk Touch makeup is pure Korean style: products to enhance anyone's natural beauty, combined with some more striking shades, thus satisfying those looking for a more subtle look but also those who want a more eye-catching and/or fun makeup.

Its products lines

  • Hedera Helix: ideal for sensitive skin. The cream from this range is one of Milk Touch's flagship products. Formulated with ivy, it helps to intensely hydrate and soothe the skin.
  • Dark Spot: ideal for skin with spots. This line, with resveratrol and five-flower extract, helps to mitigate spots to contribute to a more even and luminous skin tone.
  • Pore Line: ideal for treating enlarged pores. An infallible combination of green apple extract and collagen to help regulate skin sebum and fill in enlarged pores.

Where to buy Milk Touch wholesale?

You can purchase Milk Touch from MiiN Trade. We are the official distributors of the brand and we have our own warehouse in Spain from where we ship products to a wide variety of countries in Europe.

Along with other brands, at MiiN Trade, you can find Milk Touch skincare and makeup products, imported directly from Korea without intermediaries.