Keenoniks is a safe and transparent Korean brand that relies on scientifically-tested hypoallergenic ingredients. Even those with the most sensitive skin can incorporate the product range into their daily beauty routine. This K-beauty brand is based on formulas with many effective, high-quality ingredients, including D-panthenol, hyaluronic acid, PHA and plant extracts from potentilla chinensis, moringa, cabbage and centella asiatica. The collection is designed for hectic city lifestyle with aim to repair and protect skin's natural barrier.

Do you know what Keenoniks means?
The brand is wordplay on "Keen On Skin", with 'skin' writen backwards.

Travel-friendly 1 pair cleansing cotton pads that gently remove daily dirt, impurities and makeup.

Cleansing cotton pads, containing Cabbage Leaf Water and Moringa Seed Extract, that gently remove daily dirt, impurities and makeup.

A nourishing toner with Sea-buckthorn, Sea Water and Edelweiss for balancing skin's natural pH level and maintaining a healthy skin.

A lightweight moisturising essence with a high concentration of glacier water and hyaluronic acid.

A calming toner with 74% Pollentilla Extract and PHA for hydrating and soothing even the most sensitive skin.

Querencia sheet mask replenishes skin's moisture levels with Panthenol, Amino-acids and Squalane.

A daily face moisturiser that improves skin cell regeneration, moisturises and soothes skin with Centella Asiatica and Ceramides.

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