A stainless steel spatula designed for precise foundation application.

Key Ingredients:
  • Achieve flawless and precise foundation application effortlessly with this makeup spatula.

    Designed for both professional and personal use, this stainless steel spatula is perfect for blending different foundations to create custom shades. Its light, compact, and user-friendly design make it ideal for various applications, from daily use to events and fashion shows.

    Easy to clean and sanitize, it ensures a hygienic makeup routine, especially in high-intensity settings. Using this spatula allows you to use less foundation, promoting an even application for a smoother and softer complexion.

    With its compact size and convenient pouch, this spatula is a practical addition to any purse or makeup kit. Elevate your makeup routine with precision and efficiency.

    Content/Format (ml/gr):

    Skin type:

    Routine step:

  • Use this spatula for optimal foundation application.
  •  Dispense a small amount of your selected foundation onto a palette or the back of your hand. Next, use the spatula to apply the desired amount to your face, gliding gently for a flawless application. For optimal results, refine your look with a brush or sponge to achieve the desired finish.

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