• Basic Nails NO.1
  • Basic Nails NO.1
Color: Basic Nails NO.1

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Ohora semi-cured gel nail strips are made with liquid gel polish, 60% cured for a greater adhesion. Get your pro-finish gel nails at home!

  • Content/Format: 30 nail strips in 15 different sizes. 2 Prep pads, Nail File, Wooden Stick
  • Skin type: All skin types
  • Pregnancy-safe
Key Ingredients: Acrylate Copolymer Adhesive 10 ~ 25%, Urethane Acrylate 90 ~ 75%
  • Don't have time to get your nails done at the salon? New to MiiN Trade, Ohora gel nail strips are easy to apply, file, dry out and remove. Semi-cured gel is an innovative technology that has revolutionised nail care in Korea. It's completely different from the traditional gel polish and the standard nail strip. Soft and elastic gel strips are designed to adapt to the nail shape for a salon-quality gel manicure. Each pack contains 30 strips in 15 different sizes to perform two manicures from the same pack. Curved C-shaped design allows strips to reach nails edges and provides a stronger adhesion. Strips have a triple layer structure: a base gel, the color gel and the top gel (acts as a protective layer to make manicure last up to 14 days). Moreover, each pack contains two wipes to prepare nails before application, a nail file to adapt the size and a wooden stick to improve precision in the nail strip placement.

  • Use nail strips and tools in the pack to achieve a dreamy gel manicure.
  •   Apply on dry, clean nails. Use prep pads, included in the pack, to remove moisture and impurities from nails. Select the appropriate strip size for each nail and apply it on with the help of the wooden stick. Cut the excess length and use the file from the pack for a perfect finish. For a longer lasting manicure cure nails under the UV lamp. To remove nail stips, gently push the end of the strip with a wooden stick soaked in nail polish remover. Only use on healthy nails and for adults only. Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Watch the video.

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