This pure, hydrating and naturally anti-ageing mist is a limited edition made with 100% organic rose water from Damask roses, recognized as the finest roses in the world with the most health and beauty applications.

  • Content/Format (ml/gr): 100ml
  • Skin type: All skin types.
  • Routine step: Mist
  • Natural / Organic / Vegan
Key Ingredients: Organic Rosa Damascena Flower Water
  • Roses provide 17 times more vitamin C content than lemon and 20 times more vitamin A than tomato. Organic Rose Mist is therapeutic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, while powerfully refreshing and uplifting. It is vegan and free from fillers, synthetic fragrances, additives, harmful chemicals or preservatives.

  • Use this mist to soothe, hydrate and restore your skin's pH balance.
  •  Spray on skin and gently pat in until absorbed. It's perfect for daily use and can also be used as a toner after cleansing. For maximum hydration, mist your face until it is fully wet, add 1-2 drops of oil serum and gently massage in until fully absorbed.
  •  100% Organic Rosa Damascena Flower Water

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