Make your Korean Beauty range stand out from the rest with Miin Shelf Display!

Key Ingredients:
  • Do you want your Korean cosmetics products to stand out on your shelves?

    This 30cm wide and 10cm deep signage with the text "Korean Cosmetics" highlighted in white is an ideal choice to catch the attention of your customers in a subtle and elegant way.

    It is compact, beautiful and lightweight and it is compatible with any shelf, display table or flat surface.

    Get it FREE with your wholesale Korean cosmetics order.

    *By purchasing this display, you agree to use it exclusively with products purchased from MiiN.
    *You can only have one free display per physical shop or location. In case of breakage or if you need more units, please contact your sales agent.

  • Use this elegant display to highlight your Korean cosmetics products within the product display area.
  •  Place the display on top of the desired surface, matching the ‘L’ of the display with the edge of the surface. Display the products directly on top of the display.

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