Face mask display for physical stores.

Key Ingredients:
  • Improve the in-store exposition of your face masks with this fantastic and specific display.

    This black metal display with five shelves allows you to display up to fifteen references of masks. It also comes with a pink double sided printed cardboard sign and several vinyls with messages in the purest Korean style on the front side.

    It measures 152cm high, 40cm wide and 30cm deep. Perfect to place it comfortably anywhere in the shop.

    Keeping your masks organised and on sight will help to increase sales and visibility of these products within your physical shop.

    Receive it FREE with a minimum order of 1.500€ (must include a minimum of 15 mask references and cannot be combined with previous orders).

    *By purchasing this display you agree to fill it exclusively with MiiN products.
    *Only one free display per physical shop or location. In case of breakage or if you need more units, please contact your sales agent.

  • Use to display a wide variety of masks within the shop and give them greater visibility.
  •  This display comes assembled. All you need to do is hang the pink cardboard on the hooks integrated into the top of the display.
    We recommend displaying 3 different mask references per shelf.

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