Wooden display to highlight your MiiN product selection in your physical shop.

Key Ingredients:
  • This Korean style wooden display has 4 shelves to display your K-Beauty MiiN selection in your physical shop.

    On one side of this display you will find the 10 steps of the Korean routine to guide your customers and encourage cross-selling.

    It measures 27,5cm wide and depth and 1,60m high being an eye-catching display and at the same time easy to place in the shop.

    Receive it FREE with a minimum order of 2.000€

    *By purchasing this display you agree to fill it exclusively with MiiN products.
    *You can only have one free display per physical shop or shop. In case of breakage or if you need more units, please contact your sales agent.

  • Highlight your K-Beauty product assortment inside of your store with this beautiful and elegant wooden display.
  •  Locate the display in a visible spot in your shop and place your selection of MiiN K-Beauty products in it, giving them more visibility and making them stand out from the rest of the products in the store.

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