Sensitivity is most often caused by an adverse reaction to cosmetic products and external factors, for instance pollution. Our wholesale collection for sensitive skin comprises of clean beauty - vegan and natural products that are free from harmful chemicals. In addition, you will find unique products which help to instantly calm skin redness and irritation.

A multi-solution hypoallergenic serum that gently exfoliates, and improves dull skin tone and pigmentation.

This facial scrub contains non-toxic, edible black sugar which helps remove makeup residue, dead skin cells and blackheads. 

This gentle cream rapidly calms and soothes sensitive or irritates skin and helps to strengthen your skin's natural barrier. 

This bamboo charcoal sheet mask is ultra comfortable on the skin and helps calm irritated, inflamed skin making it perfect for after sun care.

This gentle cream rapidly calms and soothes sensitive or irritates skin and helps to strengthen your skin's natural barrier. 

This hypoallergenic oil-based cleanser is made with nourishing natural ingredients.

This organic aloe vera gel features a powerful formula to soothe your skin.

Rich Moist Soothing Serum is gentle enough for all skin types and can be used both day and night.

This sheet mask helps strengthen your skin's natural barrier while delivering moisture and soothing skin.

This antioxidant-rich eye cream prevents the signs of premature aging.

This hydrating toner balances skin's pH level and enhances the effectiveness of the next skin care products in your routine. It contains key ingredients like Phyto-Oligo which helps thoroughly moisturise skin, and wheat amino acids that reduce inflammation as well as hydrate.

Supple Preparation Toner restores natural skin water-oil balance and prepares skin for the next steps of the skincare routine. Free from essential oils and fragrances, it's suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

This double-mask provides intensive care with its leaf patches and hydrating, soothing benefits.

This formula for this eye serum features 10% aloe vera juice from Jeju Island and gets its natural fragrance from essential oils.

Tested by dermatologists, this gel contains aloe barbadensis leaf juice, rich in polysaccharides and propolis extract, which have excellent soothing properties.

This moisturising cream is designed to treat sensitive skin through every season. 

This lightweight emulsion formulated with herbal extracts (plantain leaf, cumfrey root, burdock) nourishes, hydrates and soothes blemish-prone or irritated skin while helping keep pores clear. Its tea tree extract helps control sebum and get rid of excess oil. The aroma of bergamot oil gives a calming effect.

This organic cleanser is specially designed for oily skin. Australian tea tree oil and bergamot oil penetrate deeply into your pores to reduce excess oil and gently cleanse impurities and makeup to leave the skin feeling clean and refreshed, while organic burdock extract and comfrey extract soothe and hydrate skin.

This light yet intensive moisturizing cream is formulated with ceramides to prevent moisture loss and tamarindus indica seed polysaccharide to keep your skin hydrated.

This mask works as both a moisturiser and an overnight mask that brightens, firms and hydrates your skin.

Eco-friendly cupra mask that provides a lasting hydration and skin soothing effect.

This hypoallergenic face wash is ideal for sensitive or irritated skin, as its gentle formula is free of harmful ingredients.

This natural, organic moisturiser formulated with Bulgarian rosa damascena oil and naturally-derived plant ingredients intensively hydrates sensitive and dry skin. It also includes organic babassu seed oil and coconut oil which help nourish skin and protect it from harmful environmental factors.

This highly concentrated cream softens and deeply moisturises skin with its Bulgarian rosa damascena oil, featuring a warm, floral scent. Other ingredients include roseship oil and organic babassu seed oil to help hydrate and revitalise dry, rough skin.

Don't Worry Healing Mask is formulated with Centella Asiatica and Aloe Leaf extract to soothe and heal skin irritations.

This emulsion hydrates and soothes dry skin, and can be used for the serum or lotion step in your skin care routine.

This oil-based makeup remover comes in a convenient stick format.

Natural Aloe Aqua Cream is formulated with 95% organic aloe vera and contains adenosine, a star anti-ageing ingredient.

This multi-purpose balm moisturises and restores hydration to dry skin. 

I'M Safe For Sensitive Skin is 100% physical sunscreen with SPF 35+++, gentle enough for all ages.

The intensely hydrating aftersun contains glacier water to soothe irritated and exhausted skin after sun.

This non-irritating and gentle hydrating cream is only formulated with 12 ingredients and is safe enough for pregnant women and babies to use.

This hydrating sheet mask softens and soothes sensitive and irritated skin with its gentle formula.

This non-irritating cleansing foam has a pH with a low acidity of 5.5 which helps your skin to be soft and clean. 

This innovative cleansing water oil features a biphasici formula with brightening berry extracts to leave your skin with a clean, fresh feeling.

Aloe Soothing Mask soothes and refreshes skin.

Goodbye Redness Centella Mask hydrates and nourishes skin, calming irritations.

The light gel-textured lotion contains 80% of Centella Asiatica extract that relieves tired, irritated skin.

This aromatherapy mask gives off the warm, lovely scent of rose to melt away stress and soothe and revitalise your skin.

This aromatherapy mask provides stress relief and peace of mind with the sweet scent of neroli oil, extracted from bitter orange blossoms. 

This aromatherapy mask gives off the warm, lovely scent of lavender as it soothes your skin.

This aromatherapy mask comforts and soothes skin with the scent of mandarin and sweet orange. Its natural oils soften and brighten your skin.

This pack contains 20 biodegradable, single-use moist toner tissues. For maximum efficacy, use after the Velvet Facial Cleansing Sheet.

This pack contains 20 biodegradable, single-use cleansing sheets. They gently remove impurities from your skin while hydrating at the same time.

Featuring 50% Houttuynia Cordata extract, this mask helps purify and soothe your skin.

This innovative powder cleanser is hypoallergenic and leaves skin hydrated, without any tight feeling.

This hydrating and nourishing wash-off mask pack refreshes skin with marine energy, with the extracts of 4 different types of seaweed and deep sea water.

This makeup primer in white provides a glowing tone-up effect for your skin.

This makeup primer features green undertones to help conceal blemishes and acne marks.

Joyful Time Essence Aloe is a moisturising and soothing mask with a gel-like essence that locks in moisture for a long-lasting hydration.

Joyful Time Essence Bamboo soothing and refining mask for tired and malnourished skin that features a gel-like essence that locks in moisture for a long-lasting hydration.

This gel-textured sleeping pack gently renews your skin overnight as it smoothes, soothes and deeply hydrates.

This mild exfoliator gently refines your skin's texture without over-drying or irritating skin.

This slightly acidic essence with a pH of 5.5 contains madecassoside to help strengthens skin's natural protective barrier.

This hypoallergenic and slightly acidic hydrating toner has a pH of 5.5 and strengthens skin's natural barrier with 94% natural ingredients.

This gentle facial serum help strengthen your skin’s natural barrier.

Benton's Tea Tree refreshing facial mist hydrates skin and cleanse it of imperfections.

This gel cleanser features botanical skin-purifying ingredients which gently work to leave your skin supple and cleansed. 

A-Thera Cream is designed for acne-prone, oily or combination skin. It's also particularly beneficial if you suffer from enlarged pores or blackheads.

This toner soothes all skin types, especially oily and sensitive skin, and prepares it for the next steps in your skin care routine.

The snail mucin and centella asiatica extract in this cream soothe sensitive and irritated skin.

This oil serum features tone-up and hydrating effects and is perfect for sensitive skin. Just a few drops go a long way!

This mild foaming cleanser gently cleanses your skin with its combination of natural, non-irritating ingredients.

The Perfect Daily Mist soothes, hydrates and balances the skin with chamomile extract and organic neroli floral water. It's perfect for travel, work or for setting your makeup.

This essence soothes, cools, reduces redness and revitalises skin.

I'M Pure Perfect Cica sunscreen with SPF 50+ PA++++ is gentle enough for sensitive skin but strong enough for an ultimate sun protection.

The Enzyme Powder facial cleanser exfoliates and cleanses skin without irritation.

This lightweight facial moisturiser soothes sensitive or irritated skin and helps reinforce your skin's natural protective barrier.

This soothing and hydrating sheet mask is ideal for sensitive skin as it contains key organic ingredients - Centella Asiatica, Opuntia cactus, Chamomile and Calendula.

Use this body essence right after bathing or showering. It's unscented, lightweight, fast-absorbing and non-oily, for the perfect texture and results.

Refresh and hydrate your skin with this toner featuring natural extracts from Jeju Island that regulate your skin's oil-water balance as well as brighten and gently exfoliate.

This beautiful pink serum ampoule gets its colour from the omija berry and leaves skin hydrated and soothed. It also reduces redness.

Loaded with natural brightening ingredients like vitamin C obtained from broccoli extract, this hydrating sheet mask will leave your skin glowing and radiant.

Full of hydrating ingredients like squalane, ceramides and hyaluronic acid, this daily moisturising cream soothes and hydrates skin with its natural extracts. 

My Soft Grain Scrub is a natural physical exfoliator that deeply cleanses the pores, yet gentle enough for a sensitive skin.

This refreshing cleansing gel for sensitive skin contains 6% Houttuynia cordata extract to regulate your skin's oil production and hydrate skin.

Featuring PHA, the least aggressive of the acids, this gentle exfoliating toner sweeps away dead skin cells and impurities, leaving skin hydrated, glowing and ready for the next steps in your skin care routine. 

Exfoliate dull skin with this peeling gel that combines physical and chemical exfoliation. It's gentle enough for sensitive skin, and will leave your face glowing and radiant.

Containing 42% centella asiatica extract, this spot treatment cream heals red, irritated skin and clears up blemishes to leave you with a radiant glow.

Amp up your boring skincare routine with the fun and flirty Daily Wonders Masks. Infused with gentle yet effective botanical extracts to target your specific skin concerns. Choose the mask that match your mood!

Take your scalp to a new level of fresh and clean comfort with this luxury head spa treatment.

This silicon-free shampoo with naturally derived surfactants gently rinses away dry, flaky skin build-up on the scalp. 

Duo functional toner with organic rose water and rose essential oil has calming and hydrating properties.

This refreshing organic toner is formulated with 92% tea tree leaf extract to control sebum production and organic aloe vera leaf extract to soothe sensitive skin.

This SPF 50 ++++ sunscreen provides effective physical protection against UV rays, hydrates the skin and strengthens the skin barrier with a complex of hyaluronic acid, centella extract and licorice extract.


Moist Toner refreshes and soothes tired skin with its fast absorbing, non-sticky formula.


A refreshing, gentle serum that moisturises dehydrated skin and helps to protect skin natural barrier with its light watery texture.

A slightly acidic toner, designed to calm irritated skin and formulated with 4 main ingredients - Centella, Panthenol, Jojoba seed oil and Houttuyania Cordata.

A slightly acidic gel essence, designed to calm and soothe irritated skin with 85% Centella Asiatica. 

A slightly acidic Barrier Cream, designed to soothe irritated skin and formulated with 4 main ingredients - Centella, Panthenol, Jojoba oil and Squalane.

This transparent ampoule with a watery texture provides calming effects amplified with a high concentration of water from gotu kola leaf, gotu kola extract and Madecassoside.

Aloe BHA Skin Toner uses aloe barbadensis leaf water to soothe stressed skin with a hydrating and cooling effect.

This perfect travel kit contains 4 of Sioris must-have minis to keep your skin healthy and glowing wherever you go.

Soothe and Smooth Mask Pack contains 4 unique treatments, designed to calm irritated skin and to strengthen its natural protective properties.

Bio-cellulose mask with orange extract, rich in Vitamin C, helps to brighten skin and improves its texture.

Feel the real change as soon as you wash your hair with the cold pressed organic shea butter hair treatment.

Rated Green's Real Tamanu Scalp Shampoo is formulated with cold pressed tamanu oil and witch hazel for soothing sensitive scalp with every hair wash.

The Beauty Routine for Sensitive Skin contains 4 complimentary products for a daily skincare routine, designed to calm irritated skin and to strengthen its natural protective properties.

This gentle, hypoallergenic cream features 80% aloe vera extract and sodium hyaluronate to hydrate and soothe skin.

Tea tee serum restores hydration, soothes and balances skin.

Gentle serum with slightly acidic PH, formulated with high content of Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid.

Gentle cleansing foam with green tea helps to cleanse impurities and makeup, as well as balance and hydrate the skin.

This lightweight moisturiser features cacao extract and hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin. 

Cacao Moist and Mild Toner restores skin's natural pH balance as it hydrates and soothes skin with its star ingredient, cacao extract.

This serum contains over 80% cacao extract plus sodium hyaluronate to hydrate and nourish skin and to regulate its oil-water balance.

The Vegan Box contains 4 complimentary vegan products for a daily skincare routine. Picked with love and packed into a beautiful box, this gift set is perfect for any occasion.

The Vegan Box contains 4 complimentary vegan products for a daily skincare routine. Picked with love and packed into a beautiful box, this gift set is perfect for any occasion.

The Vegan Box contains 4 complimentary vegan products for a daily skincare routine. Picked with love and packed into a beautiful box, this gift set is perfect for any occasion.

The pink oil mist revitalizes and illuminates the skin from the inside out.

Fresh Moment Cleansing Oil is a gentle daily facial cleanser that removes makeup and dirt.

A slightly acidic gel cleanser, removes excess sebum and impurities from sensitive and oily skin with 3 main ingredients - Centella Asiática, Green Tea and Allantoin.

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